YSA Activity Day

As many of you know, we have come to Malawi as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the specific assignment to work with youth ages 14 - 30 in Seminary and Institute classes.   We are also working with the activity arm of the 18-30 year-old group called Young Single Adults (YSA).  Our main goal is to work alongside District and Branch leaders in both Blantyre and Lilongwe to help them learn how to run their own program (Branches are small congregations.   Districts contain several Branches).  Currently we are taking an active roll in organizing and carrying out activities.  Our hope is that local members will eventually assume the responsibility to plan and carry out these activities.   
Our first activity in Lilongwe had 25 YSAs from 3 branches (12 additional YSAs were waiting at another building thinking there was going to be transportation) attending.  Wish we had taken a group picture before everyone started leaving! 
Church buildings here are inte…

Beautiful Blantyre

We arrived in Blantyre on October 4th and were welcomed by the most beautiful sunset.

 This is a picture of the only church-owned building in Malawi.  It  was a convenient 5 minute walk from the first home we lived in.  The Kufa Road house was an older, character-filled home with a large beautiful yard.  It was situated in a well established, lovely neighborhood with wonderful areas to walk affording views of the city.   Can you see the papaya hanging from the tree?  

Blantyre is surrounded by three  'mountains'.  The vegetation is  similar to what you would see in Hawaii or San Diego. Because we are heading into summer (the hot, wet season), the trees have been in full bloom, especially the stunning purple Jacaranda trees.  It's a beautiful place to live!

General Conference
The first week we were here was General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.    Because of the time difference, the normal pattern here in Africa is for the members to watch c…
We are ON our mission!  We arrived in Lusaka Sunday, September 23rd and were met by President and Sister Kupu and warmly welcomed by the other senior couples. . . . Elder and Sister Fakalata, Elder and Sister Lewis, and Elder and Sister Jones.  During our stay we occupied a flat that had been prepared for a new senior couple, the Pulsiphers, who were to arrive just after we left.  

Monday was P Day and we traveled with Elder and Sister Lewis to the confluence of the Zambezi and Kafue Rivers where some members run a lodge.   Tom and Joanna were the perfect hosts!  They live so far from away they can only drive into Lusaka once a month to attend church.  They are already practicing the "home centered church" teaching their four boys the gospel and daily seminary to the older ones.

Tom and a guide took us on the river for about 3 hours where we spotted hundreds of "hungry hungry hippos". . . . as well as elephants, crocodiles, various deer and  28 new birds species!